Brunette sneezing in a tissue in the living room

Prevent the spread of illness in your home and office with these tips

There is always potential to fall ill, whether it’s the common cold or the flu virus. However, around winter the likelihood of feeling under the weather increases. This is due to the majority of people remaining indoors during this period, an environment where air is recycled and unventilated, giving germs greater opportunity to thrive and prosper, as well as spread easily throughout the family, or office.

Here are Clean Sweep’s 3 tips to help prevent the spread of these illnesses through the power of cleaning.

  1.  Pay attention to electronics:

When at home, pretty much everyone in the house watches TV. Now, take a moment to think about just how many times you, and others in the house touch the TV remote, specifically. This constant handling from the entire family makes the remote an absolute haven for germs and bacteria. To slow down the spread of germs and bacteria via the TV remote and other electronics that the family come in to contact with, we recommend regularly padding a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and carefully wiping down these devices, in order to effectively disinfect them.

In the office, keyboards and telephones can be the key harbingers of germs and bacteria. Ensure that both of these devices are regularly cleaned, using an anti-bacterial wipe when possible. To thoroughly clean your keyboard tilt it upside down and shake it to remove any loose debris. If your keyboard is exceptionally dirty, pop out the keys and use disinfectant wipes to clean.

Note: Be sure to turn off / unplug your keyboard prior to cleaning it.

  1. The bathroom:

With many households having one shared bathroom, the opportunity for germs to spread among the family is greatly increased. One of the most common ways in which germs are spread is orally, this is especially apparent in the collection of toothbrushes that many families keep together.

We believe the best way to prevent germs from toothbrushes passing on from one member of the family to another, is to soak the toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide for just a few minutes, then proceed to thoroughly rinse the toothbrushes in water to remove any residue. This should help eliminate germs that have the potential to infect other family member’s toothbrushes.

  1. Towels:

If just one person in the family or office is sick, we advise making sure they have their own towels, to help prevent germs spreading through sharing. If you’re looking to help prevent the spread of germs and illness, we’d recommend changing all the hand towels daily, and – in the home – assigning individual towels to each person for showering and bathing purposes. Changing and cleaning the hand towels regularly should help keep germs and bacteria spreading from each user.

These 3 simple tips, should help to prevent germs and illnesses spreading throughout the house and office, and help keep the whole family and employees healthier this winter.