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Water drops on glass

How to keep condensation at bay this winter

You may have noticed more condensation on your windows during the winter months, so in this simple blog post we have explained the causes of condensation, along with its effects and preventative measures.

What is condensation?

Condensation is a result of airborne water vapour condensing into a liquid, which is deposited on interior – or exterior – surfaces.

What causes condensation?

Condensation is a result of warm air colliding with cold surfaces, or when there is an excess amount of humidity in your home. Condensation is more common during the colder winter months, when your heating is used more frequently on cold winter mornings and evenings.

What can happen if I don’t prevent condensation?

If you don’t regularly remove condensation, or follow ways to reduce it, a build up can lead to greater problems. Condensation can lead to mould build up around the edges and sills of your windows, and this could eventually damage your walls and furniture.

How can I minimise condensation in my home?

If the biggest cause of condensation is the variation of inside room temperature, this can be controlled by replacing single glazing with energy efficient double or triple glazing, which works to maintain a higher surface temperature of the interior facing glass.

If this isn’t an option – or exterior temperature changes are extreme – condensation and its long term effects can be kept under control through regular removal of the excess water, using a dry cloth to wipe down the surface. Other preventative measures include:

  1. Correct air vents: If you have a washing machine or dryer in your home, ensure that this is correctly vented. Litres of water can be emitted into the air from a single wash, so adequate ventilation is essential to minimise condensation.
  2. Bathroom tip:  When showering or bathing, turn on your extractor fan to eliminate steam and moisture that results from running warm water in a cold environment.
  3. Drying clothes: As drying clothes in the winter isn’t always possible outside, keep wet washed clothes in a bathroom with the adjoining door closed and, ideally, with a window open.
  4. Furniture care: To allow air to circulate fully around the house, when possible, make sure that your furniture is at least 50mm away from walls.

Following these tips should help reduce condensation in your home.

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Blurred People sit at night round a bright bonfire

How to safely clean up after Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is an exciting and fun event for friends and family to come together and enjoy. However cleaning up afterwards can be a daunting and dangerous task. Here are some tips on how to clean up after a bonfire safely.

Make sure your safety comes first before cleaning up. Have some gloves and a dusk mask ready before you start.  Make sure any  remaining fire debris have completely cooled before attempting to clean it away.


If you have used firewood for your fire the ash that remains can be used for many things, so you do not have to throw it away after your bonfire. Once it has cooled the ash can be mixed in with soil. It can also be mixed into flowerbeds and flowerboxes. Another use for firewood ash is using it to melt ice on driveways.


Soot stuck on hard surfaces can be hoovered away. If you cannot hoover away all the debris, the rest can be cleaned with a dry sponge. To avoid smudges and smears sprinkle some talcum powder on the area and gently rub it in then hoover away the remains.

If soot has got on to your grass the easiest removal method is to wait until the soot has cooled and then sweep with a broom.


Getting mud into your home after a bonfire is inevitable, especially if you have children or pets. If you find your carpet dirty with mud, do not panic! Just simply wait for the mud to dry, hoover away as much mud as you can, then add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to warm water, spray it on to a cloth and gently dab away your muddy stains.

It is important to make sure you add the washing up liquid to the cloth rather than directly on the affected area to avoid an unnecessarily wet carpet. Make sure you dab and blot rather than scrub the stain away: scrubbing may cause the mud to spread and rub in your carpet deeper. Once the stain has been lifted, get a dry cloth and gently blot your now clean but slightly wet carpet.


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Portrait of three little girls in Halloween costumes looking at camera with frightening gesture

How to prepare for a Spooktacular Hallow-clean

While Halloween can be a fun time of the year – whether you’re trick or treating, hosting a party of your own or carving a pumpkin – its aftermath can be messy. It’s always wise to consider the cleaning process in advance, and in this post we have highlighted some handy tricks…


Unfortunately, one of the least fun aspects of Halloween (for adults, that is!), is the cleaning up of thrown eggs on houses and cars.

The best way to clean up such mess on the house is to use a strong alkaline cleaner and warm water. It is extremely important that HOT water is avoided, as high temperatures will congeal the egg’s proteins, making it even stickier. Scrub the area gently with alkaline cleaner and warm water as soon as possible.

If your car is the target, use a detergent (neutral-pH) and a microfiber car cleaning cloth. Be sure to avoid using harsh cleaning cloths – scrubbing sponges, for example – or detergents as this will damage the car’s top coat. First, thoroughly hose the area below the egg, and gently hose the egg off the car. Then, use the detergent and car cloth while adding slight pressure to fully remove the stain, followed by rinsing and drying.


Silly string can be very difficult to clean, especially in abundance. Most will be removed with a simple soap and water solution, but you can then eliminate further residue with a cotton ball or swab.


Face painting is the perfect way to spook up a Halloween outfit, with popular options being white ghoulish paint and fake blood, or striking green wrinkly witch skin. However, such paint can cause stubborn stains if they fleck on to unintended surfaces. Luckily, there is a simple process to follow to remove stubborn lipstick and oil-based makeup stains.

First, dab a small amount of makeup remover or rubbing alcohol onto the affected area. Carefully work the solution into the area with a small brush or cloth, ensuring only light strokes from the edges of the stain to center. Pinching lightly in an upward motion – once you have reached the stain’s center – will help to further remove the stain. Then wait five minutes, and if the stain persists repeat the steps.


Nothing screams Halloween more than pumpkin carving! However, as fun as it can be, the slimy pumpkin pulp can create a lot of mess, staining carpets or clothing.

If the area is carpeted, firstly pick up the scattered pulp with paper towels, but be careful not to rub it into fibers. Then, blot the area with white vinegar, and sprinkle with baking soda. Be sure to leave this dry for a few hours, and finish with vacuuming. If the stains persist, use an enzyme-based stain penetrator and massage into the stain, and leave for a few hours.

If the stained area is an item of clothing, again use an enzyme-based stain remover and leave to soak. If this doesn’t work, massage in some laundry detergent. Be sure to wash the item on the safest hottest temperature.

Most importantly, Happy Halloween!

Kids with their palms and clothing painted

The big clean for the new school term

With the half-term already upon us, schools are currently preparing for the big clean that takes place while students are away. It’s crucial to make sure our schools are top-notch learning environments, for the health and safety of each pupil and staff member.

Whilst half-term means time off for teachers and students, cleaners are working hard to make sure everything is all set for the beginning of the new term.

So what exactly is on the cleaning schedule when schools are out, and the cleaners are in?

  1. Larger objects such as walls, cupboards, door/window frames and light fittings are cleaned.
  2. All carpeted floors are cleaned with a steam cleaner to eradicate even the smallest of dirt particles.
  3. Hard floors are machine scrubbed (minus those that are sealed). After this, a wet pick-up machine is then used to remove any excess dirt or grub, making sure to pay special attention to the corners of a room where dirt can build up.
  4. If needed, old sealant from hard floors can be removed using a floor machine and floor stripper. After the old sealant has been stripped, floors are thoroughly rinsed and a wet pick-up machine is used to remove any excess sealant or dirt. All the floors can then be resealed using a sealant approved by the client.
  5. Walls are dry dusted, until finally all internal door and partition glass is washed and dry polished.
  6. Tables, chairs and desks, as well as other furniture is cleaned to remove dirt, grime, stains, chewing gum and graffiti.
  7. Food preparation and service areas are thoroughly cleaned; infectious diseases can be spread rapidly where food is prepared and not cleaned to the standard it should. Cafeterias, kitchens and dining facilities need to be kept clean and disinfected daily.
  8. Toilets are also deep cleaned, including scrubbing and descaling.
  9. It’s important to also remember to disinfect high-touch surface areas, as viruses and infectious diseases can be transferred easily, especially in schools. Some high-touch surface areas would therefore include; door handles, table tops, shared stationary, hand rails and computer keyboards/mouse.

Both cleaning and disinfecting are extremely important activities that ensure your school remains a healthy place to learn. After all these steps have been carried out, the school is now ready to welcome back both students and teachers alike.


Making your business shine, inside and out!

Understanding the importance of having a presentable exterior is key to a successful business. Clean, shiny and smear free windows gives customers and clients a positive first impression of your company.

Commercial window cleaning is an effective way of ensuring your windows are in pristine condition. Our technique for providing great results is to use the wash and reach technique. This ensures an effective cleaning service as well as reliable safety.

The benefits of using this method are;

  • Quick but safe cleaning.
  • No use of ladders which decreases risk of accidents and damage to property.
  • Use of specialised glass cleaning solutions to ensure a streak free finish.
  • This method can be used to clean up to 45ft floor.
  • Not weather dependant.

Here are a few more tips to help guide you in commercial window cleaning to make sure the outside of your building represents the inside.

Know your supplier – Make sure you chose your supplier wisely as you will be relying on them monthly or even weekly to provide you with a top service.

Know your products – Ensure your supplier is using high quality products specialised for window cleaning. Do your research on what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Ask your supplier what products they intend to use and see if it coincides with your research.

Know your price – There are many different commercial cleaning companies on the market, so make sure you shop around for the best service, quality and price. For example, if your business is located in a business park, ask around and see if the same cleaning service cleans all of the surrounding buildings.

We know how hard you and your staff work to ensure your company’s services and reputation is always a high standard. Don’t let the appearance of your building turn customers away before they’ve even had a chance to talk to you! First impressions most definitely count.

What to look for in a cleaning company

What to look for in a cleaning company

If you are looking for a cleaning company to come and clean at your establishment, there are some key things to look for if you want to pick the right company for the job.

What are their specialities?
If you are looking for an office cleaner then you need a cleaning company that can fit your busy schedule, and that they have the capability to clean however small or large your establishment is. If you are looking for a cleaning company to clean a nightclub then you need to make sure they have experience in doing this and that they have no problem doing the ‘hard jobs’ such as cleaning up sick off the toilet floor.

How many staff do they have?
If you need someone to be there every week at the same time on the same day, then you need them to have a few staff on their books. You don’t want a week of cleaning missed because someone is holiday and there is not enough staff to cover!

If you work in an office, or even if you are looking for a domestic cleaner, you need to be able to trust the cleaners when they are in the office, so you are going to want to pick a cleaning company that carry out a background check on any potential hires. This way you know that whoever is coming into your building, they have passed a check and they have no history of crime.