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Why you should invest in a carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning can be an expensive investment, but the service provides a plethora of benefits. It can not only improve appearance, but contributes to a healthier home or office environment. Here are just some of the advantages of a professional carpet cleaning service…

Prolonged life span

Regular vacuuming is essential for the maintenance of your carpet, but professional cleaning can prolong its life and maintain lasting condition. It only takes a few sharp particles of debris to fray nylon carpet fibres in the office, resulting in replacing part, or all, of the carpet prematurely. Cleaning once every 12 to 18 months will prolong your office carpet’s life.

Positive first impression

When considering cleaning of an office or business environment, it’s important that any visitors are walking into a setting that reflects high-quality services. Having clean, well maintained carpets projects a professional image. Similarly, your home reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Eliminate carpet stains                               

Professional cleaning removes those stains that accumulate both in busy offices and around the house. Whether it’s regular coffee spills, simple footfall marks or pet-related stains, small accidents accumulate over time. Professional cleaning will reach deep into carpet padding and remove stains for good.

Time saving

The amount of time saved when investing in a cleaning service is invaluable in itself. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean any office space or home environment, and leaving it to the professionals will ensure a high-quality service whilst taking pressure off the employer or home owner.

Clear dust mite infestations

Professional carpet cleaning will ensure a healthy environment for your staff or family. Dust mites are not allergens, but they leave behind allergenic faeces and body fragments. Often utilising steam cleaning methods, professional cleaning will eliminate dust mites and other microscopic contaminants, as dust mites and other bacteria cannot survive in high temperatures.

Help prevent mould growth

Any carpet that is exposed to high humidity is at risk of creating mould. In wet weather, moisture frequently enters the air in a home and can sink into the carpet fibres if there is not a de-humidifier present. Ensuring your carpet is clean with professional high-powered drying methods can prevent mould and mildew growth.

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Top 3 cleaning services for your office

At Clean Sweep, we offer top of the range cleaning services that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. We work with many different clients; commercial, industrial and we even offer domestic cleaning services!

With the focus on commercial cleaning this week, we are showing you three top services we provide which we recommend every office to introduce. These are essential for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in the office.

Window cleaning services

First impressions are everything! Therefore, it is extremely important that the exterior of your business is looking its best. At Clean Sweep we use top of the range products suited specifically to windows.

We pride ourselves in making sure that your windows are cleaned in a safe professional manner which will not disturb the day to day running of your business. No hassle!

Commercial carpet cleaning

Carpets can be a nightmare to clean especially on a large scale surface and where there is a high volume of footfall and traffic. Whether you’d like our deep cleaning carpet service, or a regular carpet cleaning service, Clean Sweep can work with and around you, ensuring it works best for you and your employees.

After some time, your carpet can become worn and torn, so it is important that it is kept in a tip top condition. It is crucial to keep check on these wears and tears in terms of health and safety, ensuring you are meeting all of the standards necessary to prevent a trip hazard.

Daily contract cleaning

 In a busy office it can very difficult to maintain regular cleanliness. We can provide a regular day to day cleaning service to keep your office clean and tidy.

This service can be provided at any time which is convenient for your company as we understand you can be extremely busy at certain times of the day, ad so we can work around you. We can also offer one off deep clean services for offices that are constantly busy so that we don’t disturb the day to day running of the company.

If you’d like to find out more about Clean Sweep’s service and how we can work with you and your company, call us on 07717 303 777 and we can discuss a variety of options with you.