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Cleaning your artificial Christmas tree in three easy steps

It seems that more families than ever have opted to take a modern approach to giving their home some holiday spirit. Artificial Christmas trees are not only more environmentally friendly, but they’re also re-usable, saving families valuable money every year. Perhaps one of the few downsides to artificial trees, is that as a result of being kept in storage all year round they are prone to collecting dirt and dust.  Here are Clean Sweep’s tips to keeping your artificial Christmas tree looking new and vibrant all through the holiday period:


Although not a common cleaning tool in the 21st century, salt can be extremely useful for removing pesky built up grime.

Once you have removed the tree from the bag or box you were using to store it, carefully take the tree apart into sections and place those individual parts in a black plastic bag, add a couple of handfuls of granulated salt, and shake vigorously. Proceed to remove the sections of tree from the bag and lightly dust off any excess salt with your hand or a soft cloth.
Note: This tip is only advised if your tree comes apart in individual sections, attempting to fit and vigorously shake a smaller tree in a plastic bag could cause damage, and breakages.


Dust is the most common cause of an artificial tree not looking it’s best. With the majority of families storing their trees in the attic, it is almost inevitable that at least some dust is going to collect. We believe the most effective way to remove this build-up of unwanted dust, without damaging your tree is through careful and streamlined motions using a hand vacuum.  If you do not own a hand vacuum, the suction tube component of a standard vacuum, with the soft bristle attachment, will do.

Working from top to bottom, approaching each branch from the side, proceed to vacuum the entire tree, paying careful attention to the exterior of the tree. It is important to approach each branch from the side, as vacuuming the tree from any other angle, could cause the branches to be sucked in to the vacuum, resulting in them snapping, causing damage to your tree and clogging the vacuum.



Once you have removed the grime and dirt with the salt technique and vacuumed up any dust, it’s time to give your tree a final clean to completely revitalise it and bring back that vibrant green glow.

Begin by filling a bucket with a soapy combination of washing up liquid and hot water. We recommend using a soft cloth to achieve the best results from this technique, however you can use a regular sponge, so long as you are gentle and avoid the scoured side. Soak the cloth or sponge in the soapy mixture, and firmly wring out any liquid to get the cloth as dry as possible. Gently hold the individual branches in one hand, whilst simultaneously wiping them clean, being careful not to remove any bristles.

Once thoroughly cleaned, leave the tree to dry naturally, before decorating and displaying.

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