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Top tips for your post Christmas clean up

Preparing for the New Year

The after Christmas blues, everyone gets it. The time to clean up all the dishes, take down all the Christmas decorations and prepare to be dragged back down to normality. Here are three tips to help you clean up after Christmas celebrations…

Removing Glitter and tinsel from floors

After removing all the Christmas decorations you can find that those beautiful tree decorations have left glitter and tinsel all over your flooring. To remove glitter and tinsel from your floors you can:

  • Vacuum up as much as you can. For hard floors it is best to sweep away as much as possible
  • For any remainders, wrap the non-sticky side of cello-tape to your hand and gently dab away the rest of the glitter away. A simpler alternative option is using a lint roller
  • Use a stiff hairbrush or a dog brush to comb away the tinsel from carpet

Degreasing the Oven

After all the Christmas cooking is done we can find ourselves with so much to clean: plates, cups, mugs and platters. But it’s important not to forget the oven! Cleaning the oven can be one of the most daunting tasks. Sometimes it hard to know where to start, and how to properly clean it. To clean your oven efficiently and degrease it you must:

  • First remove contents of oven
  • Put the racks from the oven into plastic bags and add oven cleaner solution
  • Set the bags aside and let the racks soak
  • Next create a paste with baking soda and water
  • After this paste has been made, coat the inside of your oven with the paste. You can choose to let it sit overnight for a more effective clean or leave it for a couple of hours until paste has dried
  • Whilst waiting wash the racks with soap and a sponge.
  • The next day, or when the paste is quite dry, get a wet rag or sponge and wipe away the dried paste from the oven
  • Any spots you cannot wipe spray vinegar on and then wipe away

Clean the Cupboards

We can sometimes get a little carried away purchasing excess food before Christmas, and cupboards can still be left brimming in the New Year. Taking time to organised and clean your cupboards and shelves will lead to less frustration when looking for ingredients or condiments. Address each cupboard individually, leaving the option to tackle other cupboards at a later date.

Be sure to get rid of any spices, sauces or cans that may be out of date. Items that are still in date – which you don’t need - could be donated to local food banks.

Once your cupboards have been emptied, follow these steps:

  • Dust your shelves and cupboards, use a cloth or duster to do this
  • Spray your cupboards or shelves with cleaning solution, then clean with a sponge
  • If you find grease spots, be sure to spritz white vinegar on the area, and scrub with a sponge

Now you don’t have to dread the post Christmas clean!

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Christmas Clean Up

Keep cleaning quick and easy this Christmas with these simple steps

It’s fine to admit that around Christmas time we can feel sluggish and unwilling to clean. All we really want to do is lay in bed and enjoy the little holiday time we get! But failure to clean during the winter can increase dust and mess around the house, leaving it a haven for germs. To minimise big cleans, here are a few tips you can use each day to prevent dirt building up and the spreading of coughs and colds this Christmas.

  • Clean the sink after using it: The everyday usage of a sink can cause a quick build up in lime scale and sometimes even mould. To avoid this, regularly clean your sink after using it. Quickly spritz cleaning solution around the edges, sides and bottom of the sink, and massage this in with a sponge. Next, thoroughly rinse the sink. Also – don’t forget the taps! They can be a harbinger of germs.
  • Dust: Do a dust down of each of your surfaces to avoid dust building up in your home. Since it is winter, dust tends to build up more in the home due to lack of fresh air.
  • Wipe window sills: This is to avoid the build-up of mould. As the weather has changed windows become damper which can cause mould. To prevent this wipe down your window sills every day with a wet cloth, being sure to then dry the surface with a dry cloth.
  • Clean the shower after you use it: Just a simple quick wipe down a day can help stop dirt building up in your shower. Just use a sponge to wipe and gently scrub all the surfaces. Do not forget to clean the showerhead to prevent lime scale build-up and the showerhead handle. If you have more time, spray cleaning solution in the shower and leave to soak, then rinse with the showerhead.
  • Clean dishes: Soak dishes in a bowl of water and liquid after using them, this is to kill any bacteria lingering on the foods. This gives you a bit of time to put your feet up and rest before washing the dishes.

Follow these steps for a healthier, cleaner house this Christmas.


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12 days to a tidy Christmas: Top tips to get your home sparkling this festive season

Whilst you may be keeping your homes warm this Christmas, it’s important to prevent dust from piling up and germs manifesting. So, we’ve given you super cleaning tips for the twelve days of Christmas…

1 – Dust your Christmas ornaments: When you first get the Christmas decs down from the attic, it may not occur to clean them before displaying them. But be sure to get a feather duster and start dusting! For an efficient clean make sure to dust from top to bottom.

2 – Dust off your ceiling fans: As the cold weather sets in, our ceiling fans tend to get neglected. But the lack of use causes dust to pile up, so make sure they are well dusted.

3 – Shake off rugs: Regularly vacumming your carpets should be a part of your routine domestic clean. Shake off rugs in an outdoor environment, to ensure all dust is removed.

4 – Clean your windows:  Windows get dirty very quickly, especially during the winter season. To clean your windows, wash them with a wet sponge and a homemade solution of white vinegar, water and liquid detergent. Gently scrub the surface with your solution and sponge, and then dry with a dry cloth. If window cleaning in this cold weather isn’t sounding appealing, give us a call to see how we can help!

5 – Winterize your entrance: The Christmas season is wonderful, but the only downside can be the weather. Make sure you keep a floor mat or shoe scrape outside your entrance to protect your floors from mud, snow and leaves.

6 – Vacuum underneath furniture: To get rid of any dust and creepy-crawlies that have taken residence in your house from the harsh weather outside, vacuum both underneath your furniture and the bottom of your furniture.

7 – Wash and disinfect bins: We often forget to clean our bins – frequently being too distracted by making sure they go out on time! But it is essential to wash and disinfect bins as frequently as possible, to ensure hygiene and clean air circulation.

8 – Vacuum your furniture: Avoid sitting on dust and dirt by frequently vacuuming. When vacuuming the sofa, use a nozzle on your hoover to ensure you are reaching into its crevices.

9 – Wash your toilet brushes: Make sure you bleach and disinfect your toilet brushes. Use a solution of 1 part bleach 6 parts water, for a good clean.

10 – Clean the kettle: More hot chocolates and teas are enjoyed when the temperature dips outside! Make sure to clean out your kettle. Do this by using a mixture of water and vinegar and boil it. Once it has finished boiling let it sit for 20 minutes, then pour the solution out. Continue to wipe the inside of your kettle with a cloth! Voila – you now have a clean kettle ready for all your Christmas themed beverages.

11 – Frequently dust and wash your curtains: As dust builds up faster when we are less likely to open windows and circulate fresh air, it is essential to clean your curtains. Take them down from the windows, dust them, and then wash them. Be sure to check washing instructions before cleaning.

12 – Clean your kitchen drain: Drains can get clogged up and freeze during the winter period. Clean your drain by pouring baking soda or white vinegar into the drain.


Cleaning your artificial Christmas tree in three easy steps

It seems that more families than ever have opted to take a modern approach to giving their home some holiday spirit. Artificial Christmas trees are not only more environmentally friendly, but they’re also re-usable, saving families valuable money every year. Perhaps one of the few downsides to artificial trees, is that as a result of being kept in storage all year round they are prone to collecting dirt and dust.  Here are Clean Sweep’s tips to keeping your artificial Christmas tree looking new and vibrant all through the holiday period:


Although not a common cleaning tool in the 21st century, salt can be extremely useful for removing pesky built up grime.

Once you have removed the tree from the bag or box you were using to store it, carefully take the tree apart into sections and place those individual parts in a black plastic bag, add a couple of handfuls of granulated salt, and shake vigorously. Proceed to remove the sections of tree from the bag and lightly dust off any excess salt with your hand or a soft cloth.
Note: This tip is only advised if your tree comes apart in individual sections, attempting to fit and vigorously shake a smaller tree in a plastic bag could cause damage, and breakages.


Dust is the most common cause of an artificial tree not looking it’s best. With the majority of families storing their trees in the attic, it is almost inevitable that at least some dust is going to collect. We believe the most effective way to remove this build-up of unwanted dust, without damaging your tree is through careful and streamlined motions using a hand vacuum.  If you do not own a hand vacuum, the suction tube component of a standard vacuum, with the soft bristle attachment, will do.

Working from top to bottom, approaching each branch from the side, proceed to vacuum the entire tree, paying careful attention to the exterior of the tree. It is important to approach each branch from the side, as vacuuming the tree from any other angle, could cause the branches to be sucked in to the vacuum, resulting in them snapping, causing damage to your tree and clogging the vacuum.



Once you have removed the grime and dirt with the salt technique and vacuumed up any dust, it’s time to give your tree a final clean to completely revitalise it and bring back that vibrant green glow.

Begin by filling a bucket with a soapy combination of washing up liquid and hot water. We recommend using a soft cloth to achieve the best results from this technique, however you can use a regular sponge, so long as you are gentle and avoid the scoured side. Soak the cloth or sponge in the soapy mixture, and firmly wring out any liquid to get the cloth as dry as possible. Gently hold the individual branches in one hand, whilst simultaneously wiping them clean, being careful not to remove any bristles.

Once thoroughly cleaned, leave the tree to dry naturally, before decorating and displaying.

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The Christmas Clean – Getting the children involved!

Last week we posted a blog all on the Christmas clean, and the preparation you should do to ensure it isn’t as daunting and stressful as you think!

This week, we’re getting the children involved! Most of the time, children find it a chore (and a bore!) to get stuck in and clean their bedroom. Often it results in them procrastinating and retreating to the sofa to watch their favourite TV programme.

Well, here at Clean Sweep, we’ve devised yet another plan to get your children participating and enjoying the Christmas clean, which will then stay with them well into the new year. What could be better?

As a rule, children follow what their parents and siblings do, so lead by example! If you’ve got older children who are already taking charge of their chores, ask them to encourage the younger family members!

Invent a challenge – Why not make it a bit more fun and use the “first one to finish wins a…” and then reward them with their favourite thing to do?

Talk about what you’ll be able to do once the tidying up is finished – Children always want something to look forward to and focus on. If you’re going to the park after the cleaning session, keep reminding them that the sooner the cleaning is finished, the sooner you can all go out to play.

Sing a song – Children love to sing along to nursery rhymes, so why not make up your own special song? You and your children can get cleaning while singing along and having fun!

Take before and after pictures to show them what they’ve accomplished – Children love playing with iPads and gadgets these days, so why not let them take pictures of the before and after so they can see the difference they’ve made?

What do you do to encourage your children to complete their cleaning chores?

New Year, new start – with an office spring clean

New Year, new start – with an office spring clean

The festive season has finally come to an end and the New Year has arrived. Everyone is back in work, but someone forgot to clean up shop before you all left for the break. Start the year with a clean slate and a clean office.

What you will need
Recycling bins – There was a big push on recycling almost everything last year, yet a large percentage of the waste from many offices still go to landfill. Invest in recycling bins and check your weekly bin collection schedule. Put someone in charge of making sure the bins go out on time and checking that people are recycling. It will make the office look much tidier.

Paper shredder – Always shred documents as they can have important information on them. It also means you don’t have a pile of unnecessary paper everywhere.

Filing cabinets or folders – You need to keep documents in an easy to find place but somewhere that is tidy. Filing cabinets are an easy choice, but if you are short on space invest in some folders, keep them labelled and you are ready to go.

Cloths and disinfectant spray – Once you have tidied up the next step is to clean it with some disinfectant spray, and wipe over it with a clean cloth.

What you should do
1.) Paper first
If you don’t need it, shred it. When cleaning through the drawers, keep two piles of paper: one for keeping and one for shredding. If they are in the keep file, make sure you store them away in a cabinet or folder.

2.) Stock take
Now that you have cleared away the paper, the next step is to make a list of all the supplies you will need and bin everything that you have but don’t use at all.

3.) A clean screen
Now we know that your desk is clean, it’s time to move onto the computer. Use the disinfectant and cloth to wipe down your screen, mouse, and keyboard to take care of any germs, dirt, and oil build-up. After that, give your desk a good polish as well.

The Big Christmas Clean

The Big Christmas Clean

Christmas is more than trimming up and carving turkey. We undergo weeks of mass preparation for Santa’s arrival, and one of the most dreaded jobs is the annual Christmas Clean. Depending on how good you’ve been this year, this could be a mammoth challenge that spans over a few weeks.

While we’re doing our bit to prepare for Santa’s visit, there are highs and lows to every cleaning mission. We suggest recruiting your most trustworthy elves (or those friends you can bribe with a handful of chocolate coins) and turn it into a group challenge to avoid extra seasonal stress.

Over the last twelve months, the majority of us will have accumulated bits and bobs, clutter and piles of crumbs underneath the sofa. Your bottom drawers will be hiding forgotten treasures (both good and bad), and the entire task can be a pick and mix of pros and cons.

• Pro: finding pound coins in-between sofa cushions, extra points if you find a fiver.
• Con: the pound coins are glued to scraps of old food.
• Pro: Everything sparkles again, ready for visitors and Pinterest worthy photo opportunities.
• Con: You will not be sparkly. You will be transformed into the Ghost of Christmas Dust.
• Pro: Feeling like a domestic goddess (or god) after a job well done.
• Con: You’ll sweep up as soon as someone walks through the door with a leaf on their shoe. Hello, Monica Geller, where have you been hiding?
• Pro: Finding unopened snacks.
• Con: Finding unopened bills. We’re all secretly failing at adulthood.

What are your personal perks of Christmas cleaning? If you would like to avoid getting messy, find out how Clean Sweep can help you prepare your home or office for the festive season, by getting in touch with us on 01792 934382