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How to know when to throw it away

We’ve all been in the situation where we know we have to take the plunge and get rid of old items in order to make way for new, but how do we know what still has some life left in it and what we can definitely dispose of without later regret?

Consider the following points, and they will hopefully help make your mind up for you!

When was the last time you used it?

Whether it’s an item in your wardrobe or an item hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboard, we’ve all been in the state of mind that we’ll wear or use it at some point…but when? The next time you have a clear out, we guarantee it’ll still be there, gathering dust and taking up much needed storage space! Get rid!

How much do you like the item?

Do you have a sentimental connection to the item but don’t use it regularly or at all? Some instances are excusable, but if you don’t have that connection to it, ditch it!

Maybe you don’t even like the item in question anymore. That dress you bought in the sale three years ago, but you can’t bear to get rid of it because it was such a good bargain – put the feelings aside and donate it to the charity shop!

How does it function within the household?

The grey rug you bought for your living room a couple of years ago, once served its purpose in your grey colour schemed room… but now your living room is cream and the rug doesn’t match. What is it still doing in your attic, taking up valuable space?

Christmas And New Year Holiday Table Setting. Celebration

A new year, a new you

Well, it’s nearly time for Santa to pay us all a visit and that means one thing – the dreaded stress and chaos on the run up to it!

If you’ve read our last two blogs, we talked all about the lead up to the big day and how you can make sure the day runs smoothly, with minimal hassle.

When you think of Christmas, you don’t tend to think about the pre-Christmas clean, as you’re thinking about making sure all presents and food is bought and ready. But, when we think about the start of a new year, it jumpstarts us to think about it being the start of a new, more organised you.

This week’s blog is going to help you declutter your mind, as well as your old bits and bobs hanging around the house – a clear out is what is in order!

Firstly, let’s start with your mind. This time of year can often lead to panic and stress – this will manifest if you don’t try and sort through what’s bothering and stressing you.

We suggest sitting in a quiet room with a notepad and pen. Grab yourself a glass of water and slowly start to think about what is making you feel most stressed.

Write it down and make a note of how much of a priority it is – if you have deadline dates to go with it, even better, as this will help you identify how urgent each task is.

Writing out a to do list is a well-known stress buster, but don’t over complicate them! Keep them neat and brief, so you can easily understand what you’ve got left to do with just a quick glance.

The Christmas declutter

Now, let’s jump into organising your home in preparation for the new year. It’s time to plug in some of your favourite tunes and get cleaning!

We suggest dividing the cleaning tasks by room, so it’s not too overwhelming! So, let’s start with the kitchen – the heart of the home.


First of all, raid your kitchen cupboards. If you’ve got any food in there that you know you won’t eat, why not donate it to a local food bank? This way, you’re supporting local charities and the individuals who use them, as well as decluttering your cupboards.

During this process, give your cupboards a good clean with some disinfectant to get rid of all the germs that have built up. Give the floor a scrub and be sure to defrost your refrigerator to free up some space for all the Christmas leftovers!

Living room

It’s always best to start in one corner of the room and work clockwise, so you’re not going over the same areas more than once.

If you’ve got a family, you’ll know the living room is where objects which don’t belong there seem to accumulate. Start by returning these objects back to their rightful place – you’ll be shocked how clear your living room will now look!

Give surfaces such as units and coffee tables a dust – not forgetting glass and mirrored furniture!

Use the long hose of the hoover to remove any dust and crumbs down the sides of your sofas! While you’ve got the hoover out, make sure you don’t forget to go over any rugs or runners!


Strip the beds and put some festive sheets on! Nothing beats getting comfy in clean bedsheets, especially when you’ve got a good Christmas film to watch!

Open the windows and get some air circulating – it may be cold, but the room will feel so much fresher and clean once you’ve let some fresh air in.

Rid your wardrobes of any clothes you haven’t worn over the year – but make sure you donate them! There are so many charities in need of clothes donations, so why not do a good deed at the same time?

There we have it! Our ‘New Year, new you’ post! We hope this helps you to declutter your mind and home, allowing us to prepare for 2017!

We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for your support this year – we couldn’t do what we do without you, so thank you so much. We can’t wait to continue working with you and see what 2017 holds for Clean Sweep!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – we hope you have a fantastic time with your family and friends.

-          The Clean Sweep team.

Clean Sweep

Decluttering to de-stress!

The thought of doing a major house clean in this gloomy, cold winter weather is one that fills us all with utter dread and misery. All we want to do in the winter months is get nice and comfy and eat some delicious food – not clean the house from top to bottom! We also mustn’t forget we have the added stress of Christmas a mere six weeks away!

However, you may not realise, but a lot of the stress you’re feeling right now, whether it is to do with Christmas or general winter blues can actually be reduced by giving your home a good clean.

Think about it. You spend a large portion of your day in your home – it’s the place you should be able to relax, but if you haven’t had a good clean up in a while, this could be subconsciously adding to your stress levels.

As well as for keeping your stress levels to a minimum, conducting an overall clean is hugely important for health reasons. We’re not saying you need to do these tasks every single week (except for certain jobs) but ensuring you keep on top of your cleaning will help the process become not so overwhelming.

So when it comes to tasks such as changing your bed sheets, doing the laundry, cleaning your bathroom and dusting, you should make an effort to do these on a minimum of a weekly basis. Areas which are used most often, such as the ones above, are the areas you should prioritise and take care when cleaning.

There are then the more tedious cleaning tasks, but thankfully, these don’t need to be taken care of on too much of a regular basis – we advise every two to three months! These tasks include:

Cleaning the build-up of grease on your oven… It’s pretty much a no brainer but is so often overlooked. Think how often you use the oven and how much grease will form over weeks and months of use. There are lots of great products on the market that will vanish the stubborn grease marks in no time!

While on the topic of kitchen appliances, make sure you give your fridge a good scrub! Here are some tips to help you get started:

Empty your fridge of all its content – this is also a good time to have a clear out!

  • Carefully take out any shelves inserted in the fridge and wash them with hot soapy water. If they are glass shelves, be careful as putting a cold glass shelf into warm water could cause it to crack. An ideal solution would be to either wash with cooler water, or wait until the glass has acclimatised to room temperature.
  • Try not to use scented products when cleaning the inside of the fridge – it’s best to use baking powder with hot water. This will not provide any scent but will still kill all germs and bacteria.
  • Finally, dry all of the inside and shelf compartments and place them back in the fridge. Simple!

Your sofas and carpets should also be cleaned every couple of months to reduce dust particles which can easily become trapped without you realising. Make sure that the products you are using on your sofa is fit for its material – you don’t want to have to fork out money for a new sofa!

When cleaning carpets, yes, a standard vacuum will do the trick, but consider getting your carpets steam cleaned as this will help abolish bacteria as well as stubborn stains!

Holiday time clean before you leave

We’ve all been there. Coming back from your amazing holiday, still thinking about how relaxing and refreshing it was. Or maybe not, maybe you just feel exhausted after the journey back. Either way you are probably craving the comfort of your own home and there is nothing worse than coming back to your house and realising you have lots of cleaning to do.

Trust us, this could easily turn into a complete nightmare, let alone something you want to be thinking about as soon as you return from your holiday. So what should you do to avoid this in the first place?


It all comes down to preparation. If you are an organised packer who makes a list of tasks you need to tackle before you leave, just add cleaning as a reminder to be ticked off before you go away. That way, it is already included and you don’t have to keep thinking about it. A clean house will also help you during packing as it is quite easy to lose track of things when the whole house may be in disarray. Just make sure there isn’t a pile of clothes in the middle of a room that almost made it to your suitcase when you’re leaving.

Plan in advance

Keep it simple. Think about what you will need or what you are most likely to want to do when you get back. Make it as easy as you possibly can for yourself. There will probably be a lot of washing to do when you get back. Have the washing basket to hand so you can easily sort through what needs to be done. You don’t need to wash it all straight away, but it will be there for you to work through at your pace. You’ve just come back from a relaxing break, so you’re allowed to be a little bit lazy and continue in holiday mode for a few more days.

Not a massive clean

We are not talking about a massive spring clear out or top to toe house clean before you go away. Keep it simple. Even the little things will make a huge difference when you get back. Dirty washing in the kitchen? A full laundry basket in the bathroom? Crumbled biscuits on the floor? No one has energy to deal with daily cleaning chores like that after a holiday.

All about the food

Make sure you have food in the house when you get back as well. It might seem obvious, but you tend to forget about it as you start to get into the holiday mood. Don’t get caught out. Even just a can of baked beans in a cupboard and a loaf of bread in a freezer will make you feel so much better when you get back, trust us.

And now, you have only one thing left to stress about and that is to make it to the airport on time.

Enjoy your holiday!

The things we often neglect when it comes to cleaning

The things we often neglect when it comes to cleaning
We’re approaching that time of year where a spring clean is in order for many, so open those windows and let the fresh air fill the house while you hoover and polish ready for the summer time.
But whilst giving your home a new fresh feel, why not pay attention to the little things in your home that are just as important as your carpets and worktops?
We have a feeling these are a few of the forgotten essentials when it comes to making sure everything is clean.
Hoovering pillows, mattresses and duvets
If you are one to let your pets jump into bed with you and make themselves comfortable, make sure you run a hoover over the bedding every now and then to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises and wake up to creepy crawlies which may have made their way into your pets fur in the garden that day.
While it may seem obvious to some to wipe down the insides and outsides of your fridges on a regular basis, people often forget about the refrigerator coils. Unplug the fridge from the power source to avoid electric shocks and hoover over the coils to remove the nasty build-up of dust and dirt that could go unnoticed for years!
Brooms and brushes
After a thorough sweep around the house, don’t just put the broom back in the corner ready for the next time it will be used- Wash the bristles in detergent and warm water to get rid of everything you have swept up so that next time you avoid sweeping that dirt back around the house. Drying the broom in the sunlight or somewhere warm also helps to kill off any bacteria that may otherwise be left to fester.