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6 New Year’s cleaning resolutions for a sparkling home all year round

The New Year offers a great chance to start afresh, and your cleaning routine is no exception! From daily tasks to setting aside time for areas which may become neglected, we’ve put together 10 resolutions for 2018…

1 – Shower power:

If left for a while, cleaning the shower can sometimes be an unpleasant and often daunting task. The easiest way to combat this is to spritz the shower with a daily shower cleaner every day, to keep shower and tub surfaces free of soap scum and hard-water stains.

2 – Laundry days:

A pile of laundry waiting for your when you get home from work is never appealing – especially when it results in you setting aside time for this task on weekends! The easiest way to tackle laundry is to set specific days of the week aside for laundry washing and ironing. This will reduce the overall load, and make the task quick and easy.

3 – Dust away:

Dusting on a weekly basis is the perfect way to keep your home clean all year round. Dusting is especially important if you suffer from any type of allergy, as this will help keep reactions at bay. Remember, dust from the top down, and be sure to shake the duster outdoors regularly to avoid build up and spreading dust further.

4 – Look up:

Ceilings can easily be neglected when it comes to cleaning. But it’s important to look up sometimes! When hoovering carpets and your furniture, take time out to hoover the ceiling, especially the corners where dust can easily gather. Also – be aware of light fittings. These are harbingers of dust, and even though they are hard to reach, it is important to give them some attention from time to time!

5 – Wash curtains:

Curtains may not seem like a priority when it comes to cleaning, but it is essential to take down curtains and wash them. For regular maintenance, vacuum your curtains using the soft brush attachment to remove light dust and dirt. If your curtains are lightweight, they can be washed in the washing machine – but take care with washing instructions. Delicate materials should be hand washed, and curtains made from heavy fabrics are usually steam cleaned to prevent a lengthy drying process.

6 – Super storage:

The key to organisation in any room of the house is storage. Why not take the New Year as an opportunity to de-clutter your rooms, using storage options to organise different spaces. Remember that paper and cardboard storage containers are susceptible to mould if stored in damp areas, whilst also being more vulnerable to insects or pests. Therefore, it is best to use plastic bins, boxes and bags, which are sturdier, air tight and pest-proof.

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Remove chewing gum from carpets and clothing with these easy steps

Chewing gum is an old time foe to carpets and clothing: it’s never nice when you or your child accidently sits or steps in gum! The good news is chewing gum is easy to remove from clothes and carpets. We’ve put together our top tips to give you a helping hand.


  1. Freezing Method – The easiest method for removing chewing gum from garments is freezing. Firstly, take the item and place in a freezer bag, being sure that the chewing gum doesn’t stick to the bag. Then, seal the bag correctly and place the item in the freezer, leaving it in this cold environment for a minimum of two hours. When removed, peel the chewing gum off the clothing as soon as possible to prevent it from warming up and reattaching. If this is tricky, use a blunt knife to remove the gum from the clothes to prevent damage. Be sure to angle the knife away from you.
  1. Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is another cheap alternative to removing gum from clothing, and it causes no damage. Simply soak the garment in lemon juice and scrape the gum with a blunt knife or spoon. Wash the garment as soon as possible following applying lemon juice.
  1. Vinegar – Vinegar can be used for many different cleaning purposes, but it can also be used to remove gum. Soak the item in hot vinegar, and brush or scrape the gum off carefully with a blunt tool.


  1. Hairdryer – For this method you will need a hairdryer and a plastic bag. Aim the dryer at the affected area and wait a while until the gum is soft. Then slowly scrape it off with the plastic bag. Remove the remaining stain with laundry powder and a little bit of water, and scrub it away gently.
  1. Ice - The first way you can remove it is by using the ice method. For this you will need some ice, and something to scrape away the gum after. Put the ice in the bag and place it on the area affected and wait until the gum hardens. When it has, slowly peel it off with a spoon or a knife. Often, a stain can remain, but you can remove the remainder by gently scrubbing it away with some water, laundry powder and a sponge.
  1. Carpet cleaning – If you are having difficulty removing the gum from your carpets following using these methods, it may be time to call in the professionals. A carpet cleaning machine can remove all sorts of tough marks and stains. Not only will the gum be removed, but you’ll have clean and fluffy carpets again!

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Why you should invest in a carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning can be an expensive investment, but the service provides a plethora of benefits. It can not only improve appearance, but contributes to a healthier home or office environment. Here are just some of the advantages of a professional carpet cleaning service…

Prolonged life span

Regular vacuuming is essential for the maintenance of your carpet, but professional cleaning can prolong its life and maintain lasting condition. It only takes a few sharp particles of debris to fray nylon carpet fibres in the office, resulting in replacing part, or all, of the carpet prematurely. Cleaning once every 12 to 18 months will prolong your office carpet’s life.

Positive first impression

When considering cleaning of an office or business environment, it’s important that any visitors are walking into a setting that reflects high-quality services. Having clean, well maintained carpets projects a professional image. Similarly, your home reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Eliminate carpet stains                               

Professional cleaning removes those stains that accumulate both in busy offices and around the house. Whether it’s regular coffee spills, simple footfall marks or pet-related stains, small accidents accumulate over time. Professional cleaning will reach deep into carpet padding and remove stains for good.

Time saving

The amount of time saved when investing in a cleaning service is invaluable in itself. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean any office space or home environment, and leaving it to the professionals will ensure a high-quality service whilst taking pressure off the employer or home owner.

Clear dust mite infestations

Professional carpet cleaning will ensure a healthy environment for your staff or family. Dust mites are not allergens, but they leave behind allergenic faeces and body fragments. Often utilising steam cleaning methods, professional cleaning will eliminate dust mites and other microscopic contaminants, as dust mites and other bacteria cannot survive in high temperatures.

Help prevent mould growth

Any carpet that is exposed to high humidity is at risk of creating mould. In wet weather, moisture frequently enters the air in a home and can sink into the carpet fibres if there is not a de-humidifier present. Ensuring your carpet is clean with professional high-powered drying methods can prevent mould and mildew growth.

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Why your business will benefit from a contract cleaning service

Does your business forgo hiring a cleaning service, thinking it’ll be only another expense to pay? Do you often complete all the housekeeping tasks, saving money but not time?

If this sounds like you, you should carefully consider the benefits of hiring a contact cleaning service.


When you hire a third party service to clean your office regularly, you will never have to worry about whether your office or commercial space is clean. By contracting them to clean your business space, you can ensure that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained through regular, light cleaning. This is particularly important if you have clients or potential employees visiting regularly, as good impressions are paramount.


Although you may not need deep cleaning right away, establishing a relationship with a contract cleaner that regularly cleans your office space will ensure that when the time comes, a helping hand is ready. Contract commercial and industrial cleaners can thoroughly clean items such as carpets, appliances, exterior walls, and windows – which all contribute to cleanliness and overall impression.


Yes, really! By investing in contracted cleaning, you’ll no longer have to source major cleaning products, and they can purchase supplies wholesale to keep costs low.  Professional cleaners will establish a relationship with businesses, and work with their specific needs to ensure money is well spent.


Leaving the cleaning to professionals means that you’ll be free to prioritise your daily responsibilities. Professionals are also very efficient at cleaning, and they will get the job done quicker, more thoroughly and with less staff disturbance.


A cleaner office is also a healthier office, as regular cleaning controls allergens like dust mites that thrive in dirty and dusty environments. If your staff are wheezy, sneezing, or experiencing itchy eyes, then you need to utilise a professional cleaning service, and fast. The productivity of employees can be affected by the cleanliness of surroundings, and they must remain fit and healthy to deliver results.

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Why your business should prioritise a clean working space

Is the office space you work in messy? Cluttered? Well other than it not making a great impression to visitors, as well as resulting in an unproductive working environment, there are other, much more important reasons to keep your office space clean and mess free.

What are those important reasons? Bacteria and germ build up.

We’ve said it before, and we’re here to say it again. It is so important that you make sure you take the right steps to keep your office space clean and hygienic.

One of the main priorities of any employer is to ensure their staff’s well-being is taken care of and the environment they are working in is clean, safe and healthy.

However, we often find that businesses assume a general tidy of the office will help keep germs and bacteria at bay, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Commercial cleaning services allow a professional cleaner to enter the building and complete the correct cleaning stages to ensure a healthy and fresh environment, free from germs.

You may think using some antibacterial cleaner every now and then is better than not doing anything at all, but there are multiple steps each commercial property is missing out on… make sure yours doesn’t fall into this trap!

Clean Sweep’s commercial cleaning services ensure professional cleaners use the correct products in the correct way, killing all signs of germs and bacteria from accumulating without you knowing!

After a long and tiring day in work, the last thing your employees prioritise is making sure the office they’re leaving is clean and tidy, and so after only a couple of days of this system in place, mess can build up and so does the dirt you can’t even see!

An office environment, not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, is often referred to as a germ incubator, collecting and storing tens of thousands of microbes, which can lead to diseases and illnesses spreading. Did you know that the average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet?! Now that is disgusting!

If your business hasn’t yet got a professional cleaning service visiting on a regular basis to keep the environment clean and healthy, give us a call today on 07717 303 777 and we can give you a quote.

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Easy tricks to clean hard-to-reach places

Whether it’s in the office or at home, cleaning difficult to reach areas is often a tricky and time-consuming task. For many of us, the easiest answer is to skip these nooks and crannies and assume that they can be cleaned less frequently than other spots.

But leaving dust and grime to accumulate only leads to a tougher cleaning job down the line. And deep, narrow crevices that are magnets for dirt can also harbour nasty allergens.

With a few simple tools and our easy tips, you’ll be able to clean those spaces where traditional cleaning tools just can’t go. The best part? You don’t even need to invest in a fancy vacuum with lots of attachments!

Here’s how to get every corner and crevice gleaming…


The easiest way to keep ceiling fans clean and shining is to use an attachment designed to fit around the blades. If it’s been a while, slip a pillowcase over each blade and use it to remove the dust. This will prevent the dust from flying around the room.


As the old saying goes: out of sight, out of mind! When was the last time you checked the tops of your cabinets? Stand on a sturdy stool, and wipe the tops with a dampened cloth and eco-friendly cleaning solution.


The office keyboard is notorious for holding a shocking amount of bacteria. If you don’t stop to examine your keyboard every once in a while, you might not have noticed that it has become covered with crumbs, grease and dust.

An easy way to clean your keyboard is to use the office supplies at hand. Turn over your keyboard and tap out any crumbs. Then, run a sticky side of a Post-It Note between the keys to nab the debris.

Try to wipe down your desk at the end of every day, especially if you’re in the habit of eating lunch there!


Window tracks can be particularly hard to reach, and easily collect dirt. Sometimes the hard material on your vacuum’s crevice tool doesn’t allow for much flexibility. But if you put a toilet paper tube over the end, you can squish it until it fits any space that needs cleaning.


If you don’t want to get your hands dusty, there’s a kitchen utensil you can use to clean your blinds: tongs! Secure a microfiber cloth to the tongs using rubber bands, then close the tool on a slat and pull it across.


Fuzzy dust and cobwebs cling to heating vents and air conditioners. If your vacuum is failing to suck up the gunk, use a sponge paintbrush from your craft drawer to dust vents.


Residue can build quickly in shower door runners, and escalate to mould. The remedy is very simple. Just apply a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda on the dirty area. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and then rub with a stiff brush.


Ceilings, especially in the corners, are notorious for collecting cobwebs and dust. If your vacuum doesn’t reach these areas, use a mop, broom handle or fishing pole and cover it with an old T-shirt to do the job.

What do you think of these cleaning hacks? Let us know your tricks to clean hard-to-reach places!

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Top 8 overlooked office spaces that need to be cleaned

Most businesses make a good attempt to ensure their office space is well kept, and will therefore already have a cleaning regime in place, however, there still may be many spaces that you’re forgetting about. Here are some of the most overlooked areas of your office that may be in dire need of a good cleaning!

  1. Shared office equipment

Any area that multiple people use is always a warning sign for needing attention when cleaning. Equipment such as printers and scanners which are heavily used in the office are not normally incorporated into cleaning schedules, meaning these types of machines can become extremely dirty, spreading germs throughout the office.

  1. Desks

If you work in an office, you’ll know that most daily activities take place at your desk. As desks are used heavily throughout the day, this means there are a numerous amount of items in which they come into contact with, each one with their very own share of germs.

  1. Shared office supplies

As with office equipment, shared office supplies like pens and staplers are regularly passed around the office, and easily gather all sorts of germs. Give your most shared office supplies a wipe with an anti-bacterial wet wipe!

  1. Phones

Phones in office spaces can be used by multiple people, and can be contaminated in two different ways: by hands, and by mouth bacteria. When phones are used by more than one person, contamination is almost a guarantee, meaning picking up an illness is as easy as picking up the phone.

  1. Bathrooms

As everyone knows, bathrooms have always been a place where germs strive. Whilst this is certainly true, some people may not be fully aware of all the surfaces that harbour bacteria. Whilst things like flush handles are a clear yes, objects like door handles and locks should also be given equal attention. Whilst there may not be any visible signs of dirt, germs are sure to be everywhere in the bathroom.

  1. Breakroom/kitchen

The breakroom is probably your favourite place in the office, let’s admit! However, it’s also a favourite for germs and bacteria. Like bathrooms, the amount of people using breakrooms makes it a perfect place for germs to breed and multiply. With the possible miss-handling of food and drink, hotspots include the microwave, fridge and kettle!

  1. Keyboards and mouse

How much time do you spend tapping away on your work keyboard and mouse? Both are crucial in most businesses, and are therefore continuously used. With it being nearly impossible to avoid them, they harbour germs passed from hand to hand.

  1. Vending machines

If your work environment has vending machines, you probably won’t be too happy to know that these machines can be one of the dirtiest places in the office! Again, the amount of people using them to get their snack of the day means a lot of hands and a lot of germs.

While there’s no way to completely get rid of germs, the amount of them can be reduced to make sure the risks to health are kept to a minimum!

So, if after reading this you just want to get as far away from the office as possible, don’t worry! Clean Sweep can provide you with a thorough cleaning regime to help keep your office as clean and healthy as possible.

If you want to find out more about our service and how we can work with you and your company, call us on 07717 303 777.

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How a commercial cleaning service can help boost your sales

Motivating your staff is productive for your business, but so is the hygiene of the environment they’re working in.

As well as your staff reaping the benefits of a clean working environment, it also does wonders for your customers or potential customers. It all comes down to the first impressions – whether you are running a fast food restaurant or a Fortune 500 company. Having a work environment that is well kept can make the difference between your business reaching its maximum capability or it falling to the ground.

Yes, a clean environment is that important. Fortunately this is where a commercial cleaning service can work miracles and actually help improve your sales.

A clean working environment boost sales. How?

One would ask, can a commercial cleaning company improve your sales? The answer? YES, they can. A business has many factors that influences a rise or decline in its sales and one that some may not even consider sometimes is a clean, safe and healthy environment. Emphasis must be placed on this factor as it is one that affects the mind and morals of your employees and your customers alike.

Imagine going into an office space for a business meeting, and it is evident that the rubbish has not been taken out from the previous day, or you ask if you could use the restrooms and you see it’s less than appealing in there.

Would you actually stay and spend your hard earned money in such a place?

It may be true that it does not take professionals to keep your work surroundings tidy but it takes cleaning professionals to do it right the first time, in the safest and most cost-effective way. Cleaning professionals know what to do and how to do it. They offer you the flexibility of having all your business’ cleaning and sanitary needs met without distracting your staff from their daily duties – no need to ask them to ensure the cleaning is taking care of!

Encourage and improve employees’ efficiency

A clean and healthy environment facilitates the productivity of your employees. It ensures your business’ environment is not the reason your staff are not at their most efficient selves at any given time. The more efficient each employee is, the better it is for your sales and the overall productivity of your business.

Comfortable work environment

Using a professional cleaning company’s service will ensure your work environment is always clean and comfortable for your employees, as well as your customers.

Speaking of customers, especially in today’s economic environment where more and more individuals are now health conscious, individuals will not hesitate to switch to other companies if the environment you invite them into is not favourable to their health or over all well-being. A clean environment speaks volumes where your business and employees are concerned.

If you’re looking for a professional, friendly and flexible cleaning service to ensure your business makes a great first impression and increases productivity among your staff, get in touch today: info@cleansweepswansealtd.co.uk


Decluttering your workspace

Since we’re still in the spirit of a “New Year, a new you”, we thought we’d concentrate on our workspace this week. As much as it’s important to focus your efforts on keeping your home clean and fresh, it’s just as important to keep your workspace the same, not only for cleanliness reasons, but also to increase productivity.

Think about it, once you’ve given your home a good once over, you always feel so much better – cleaning your work desk and its surrounding area will do just the same. If you work in an office environment, you’ll find yourself spending a heavy majority of your week surrounded by your computer, desk, phone and anything else that accumulates on your desk.

We’re not sure about you, but we always feel that extra bit stressed and unmotivated when we have a cluttered workspace. We’ve detailed a quick and easy plan for you to tidy up your desk which will instantly make you feel more calm and destressed.

Assess what you use on a daily basis and what you could store away/recycle.

  1. Purchase medium sized and attractive storage containers/trays/boxes that you can stack on your desk, and store the non-daily pieces of paper/notebooks.
  2. If you have drawers under your desk, make sure you’re using them effectively. Each drawer could have a different purpose – a “constant use” drawer, a “non-daily use” drawer and a “rare use but still important” drawer. This will allow you to access certain notes/files at a much quicker rate.
  3. Do you have notes all over the place? You probably think you need them all displayed on your desk just in case you need quick access to them – but be realistic for one minute and admit you probably haven’t used those notes (which were taken from a meeting you had two months ago), in a long time. Time to store!
  4. Dedicate a section of your desk to stationery, one notepad (with multiple dividers) and a ring binder with punched binder poly pockets. Keep all important documents which need to be easily accessibly in this ring binder.
  5. Finally, apply some anti-bacterial spray to your desk and give it a good clean to rid any built up germs. Similarly, use some computer-friendly anti-bacterial wet wipes on your keyboard, mouse and phone – these definitely need a good clean, think about how often they are used!

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Top 3 cleaning services for your office

At Clean Sweep, we offer top of the range cleaning services that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. We work with many different clients; commercial, industrial and we even offer domestic cleaning services!

With the focus on commercial cleaning this week, we are showing you three top services we provide which we recommend every office to introduce. These are essential for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in the office.

Window cleaning services

First impressions are everything! Therefore, it is extremely important that the exterior of your business is looking its best. At Clean Sweep we use top of the range products suited specifically to windows.

We pride ourselves in making sure that your windows are cleaned in a safe professional manner which will not disturb the day to day running of your business. No hassle!

Commercial carpet cleaning

Carpets can be a nightmare to clean especially on a large scale surface and where there is a high volume of footfall and traffic. Whether you’d like our deep cleaning carpet service, or a regular carpet cleaning service, Clean Sweep can work with and around you, ensuring it works best for you and your employees.

After some time, your carpet can become worn and torn, so it is important that it is kept in a tip top condition. It is crucial to keep check on these wears and tears in terms of health and safety, ensuring you are meeting all of the standards necessary to prevent a trip hazard.

Daily contract cleaning

 In a busy office it can very difficult to maintain regular cleanliness. We can provide a regular day to day cleaning service to keep your office clean and tidy.

This service can be provided at any time which is convenient for your company as we understand you can be extremely busy at certain times of the day, ad so we can work around you. We can also offer one off deep clean services for offices that are constantly busy so that we don’t disturb the day to day running of the company.

If you’d like to find out more about Clean Sweep’s service and how we can work with you and your company, call us on 07717 303 777 and we can discuss a variety of options with you.