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Clean Sweep

Decluttering to de-stress!

The thought of doing a major house clean in this gloomy, cold winter weather is one that fills us all with utter dread and misery. All we want to do in the winter months is get nice and comfy and eat some delicious food – not clean the house from top to bottom! We also mustn’t forget we have the added stress of Christmas a mere six weeks away!

However, you may not realise, but a lot of the stress you’re feeling right now, whether it is to do with Christmas or general winter blues can actually be reduced by giving your home a good clean.

Think about it. You spend a large portion of your day in your home – it’s the place you should be able to relax, but if you haven’t had a good clean up in a while, this could be subconsciously adding to your stress levels.

As well as for keeping your stress levels to a minimum, conducting an overall clean is hugely important for health reasons. We’re not saying you need to do these tasks every single week (except for certain jobs) but ensuring you keep on top of your cleaning will help the process become not so overwhelming.

So when it comes to tasks such as changing your bed sheets, doing the laundry, cleaning your bathroom and dusting, you should make an effort to do these on a minimum of a weekly basis. Areas which are used most often, such as the ones above, are the areas you should prioritise and take care when cleaning.

There are then the more tedious cleaning tasks, but thankfully, these don’t need to be taken care of on too much of a regular basis – we advise every two to three months! These tasks include:

Cleaning the build-up of grease on your oven… It’s pretty much a no brainer but is so often overlooked. Think how often you use the oven and how much grease will form over weeks and months of use. There are lots of great products on the market that will vanish the stubborn grease marks in no time!

While on the topic of kitchen appliances, make sure you give your fridge a good scrub! Here are some tips to help you get started:

Empty your fridge of all its content – this is also a good time to have a clear out!

  • Carefully take out any shelves inserted in the fridge and wash them with hot soapy water. If they are glass shelves, be careful as putting a cold glass shelf into warm water could cause it to crack. An ideal solution would be to either wash with cooler water, or wait until the glass has acclimatised to room temperature.
  • Try not to use scented products when cleaning the inside of the fridge – it’s best to use baking powder with hot water. This will not provide any scent but will still kill all germs and bacteria.
  • Finally, dry all of the inside and shelf compartments and place them back in the fridge. Simple!

Your sofas and carpets should also be cleaned every couple of months to reduce dust particles which can easily become trapped without you realising. Make sure that the products you are using on your sofa is fit for its material – you don’t want to have to fork out money for a new sofa!

When cleaning carpets, yes, a standard vacuum will do the trick, but consider getting your carpets steam cleaned as this will help abolish bacteria as well as stubborn stains!

Keeping your home clean

Keeping your home clean

Do you have a weekly routine for cleaning at home? If the answer is no – read on. And even if the answer is yes, read on anyway because you just might pick up a few tricks.

Having a weekly cleaning plan is key to a clean home. Here, Clean Sweep has put together a plan for you to follow with all the tips and tricks you will need!

Monday is polish day. Make sure you have polish cloths and polish handy, then go around your house and attack the surfaces that need cleaning.

Tuesday is mop and hoover day. Firstly go around the house and hoover your carpets, rugs etc. and the wooden floor. After you have cleared up any loose bits go around your wooden, vinyl, tiled floors with a steam mop (ideally). This will leave your carpets looking nice and fresh, and the flooring germ free!

Wednesday is windows day. Some people neglect their poor windows and every now and then you can just catch glimpses of the tear marks running down the pane. Use a good window cleaner and a window sponge (you can pick one up for about £2.00), and go round the whole house making sure the windows you can reach get some TLC.

Thursday is clean the kitchen day. It breeds a lot of germs and the best thing to do is bleach! Use a clean white cloth and any branded kitchen cleaner to tidy up your countertops. Make sure you wipe down the appliances too (kettle, toaster, blender etc.). Lastly get some good over cleaner and either leave it in the oven overnight or has instructed on the bottle.

Friday is bathroom day. It annoys everyone when the time comes to clean the bathroom but it needs to be done at least once a week. Pour think bleach down the toilet, change the cistern block if you use one, use special toilet wipes to clean the seat and the outside (they are normally flushable which is very handy), use a good bathroom cleaner on the sink and in the bath. Don’t forget those taps as well!

Saturday is the day of changing the bedding. This is a pain for everyone but it has to be done, and there is nothing better than climbing into bed with fresh crisp sheets. Wash all of them on a hot wash, or put some good antibacterial laundry cleanser and pop it on a 30 degree wash. Before you put your new bedding on however, make sure you hoover the mattress. How strange we hear you say, but actually it’s the best way to get rid of dust mites. You should flip your mattress every six months as well.

Sunday is the day of rest. You certainly can’t clean as it is considered bad luck to do so on a Sunday! Have a rest after a busy week of cleaning, and get ready to start all over again.