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Office cleaning service concept with supplies

Why your business will benefit from a contract cleaning service

Does your business forgo hiring a cleaning service, thinking it’ll be only another expense to pay? Do you often complete all the housekeeping tasks, saving money but not time?

If this sounds like you, you should carefully consider the benefits of hiring a contact cleaning service.


When you hire a third party service to clean your office regularly, you will never have to worry about whether your office or commercial space is clean. By contracting them to clean your business space, you can ensure that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained through regular, light cleaning. This is particularly important if you have clients or potential employees visiting regularly, as good impressions are paramount.


Although you may not need deep cleaning right away, establishing a relationship with a contract cleaner that regularly cleans your office space will ensure that when the time comes, a helping hand is ready. Contract commercial and industrial cleaners can thoroughly clean items such as carpets, appliances, exterior walls, and windows – which all contribute to cleanliness and overall impression.


Yes, really! By investing in contracted cleaning, you’ll no longer have to source major cleaning products, and they can purchase supplies wholesale to keep costs low.  Professional cleaners will establish a relationship with businesses, and work with their specific needs to ensure money is well spent.


Leaving the cleaning to professionals means that you’ll be free to prioritise your daily responsibilities. Professionals are also very efficient at cleaning, and they will get the job done quicker, more thoroughly and with less staff disturbance.


A cleaner office is also a healthier office, as regular cleaning controls allergens like dust mites that thrive in dirty and dusty environments. If your staff are wheezy, sneezing, or experiencing itchy eyes, then you need to utilise a professional cleaning service, and fast. The productivity of employees can be affected by the cleanliness of surroundings, and they must remain fit and healthy to deliver results.

If you think this service would benefit your commercial space, get in touch today for a free quote!

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Office cleaning service concept with supplies

Why your business should prioritise a clean working space

Is the office space you work in messy? Cluttered? Well other than it not making a great impression to visitors, as well as resulting in an unproductive working environment, there are other, much more important reasons to keep your office space clean and mess free.

What are those important reasons? Bacteria and germ build up.

We’ve said it before, and we’re here to say it again. It is so important that you make sure you take the right steps to keep your office space clean and hygienic.

One of the main priorities of any employer is to ensure their staff’s well-being is taken care of and the environment they are working in is clean, safe and healthy.

However, we often find that businesses assume a general tidy of the office will help keep germs and bacteria at bay, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Commercial cleaning services allow a professional cleaner to enter the building and complete the correct cleaning stages to ensure a healthy and fresh environment, free from germs.

You may think using some antibacterial cleaner every now and then is better than not doing anything at all, but there are multiple steps each commercial property is missing out on… make sure yours doesn’t fall into this trap!

Clean Sweep’s commercial cleaning services ensure professional cleaners use the correct products in the correct way, killing all signs of germs and bacteria from accumulating without you knowing!

After a long and tiring day in work, the last thing your employees prioritise is making sure the office they’re leaving is clean and tidy, and so after only a couple of days of this system in place, mess can build up and so does the dirt you can’t even see!

An office environment, not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, is often referred to as a germ incubator, collecting and storing tens of thousands of microbes, which can lead to diseases and illnesses spreading. Did you know that the average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet?! Now that is disgusting!

If your business hasn’t yet got a professional cleaning service visiting on a regular basis to keep the environment clean and healthy, give us a call today on 07717 303 777 and we can give you a quote.

Office cleaning service concept with supplies

First impressions most definitely count!

Now that winter is nearly over and we can just about see spring starting to make an appearance, certain office features you may have neglected are now needing your attention!

Through the cold and wet winter months, the build-up of debris and dirt can cause major issues to the outside of your office building – windows and doors specifically, and it doesn’t leave the best impression on your visitors!

Not to mention, dirty windows and doors prevent adequate daylight being let in, and studies have already proven that natural light in office environments can improve an employee’s focus, health and sleep patterns - meaning productivity will only grow.

Take the summer months for instance. As the sun is shining more, employees’ happiness levels tend to improve dramatically. So, what do dirty windows do to an employee? Well, as insignificant as it may seem, dirty windows can result in poor work productivity and low-morale – not something you want in a busy work environment!

Grubby windows and doors with water marks and dirt may not seem like such a big deal, but dirt like this can obstruct a remarkably large amount of natural light. Better natural lighting in offices also means electricity and heating bills can be cut down by a considerable amount. Save on costs and switch to a much more environmentally friendly solution than the alternative of light bulbs and electric heaters.

As we’ve already mentioned, first impressions count. You work so hard day in and day out, why let your hard work go to waste and frighten visitors and potential customers away, because of the appearance of your building?

At Clean Sweep we can help your business look its best, using top of the range products suited specifically to your cleaning needs.

For more information on our services and how we can work with you and your company, call us on 07717 303 777 and we can discuss a variety of options with you.

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How a commercial cleaning service can help boost your sales

Motivating your staff is productive for your business, but so is the hygiene of the environment they’re working in.

As well as your staff reaping the benefits of a clean working environment, it also does wonders for your customers or potential customers. It all comes down to the first impressions – whether you are running a fast food restaurant or a Fortune 500 company. Having a work environment that is well kept can make the difference between your business reaching its maximum capability or it falling to the ground.

Yes, a clean environment is that important. Fortunately this is where a commercial cleaning service can work miracles and actually help improve your sales.

A clean working environment boost sales. How?

One would ask, can a commercial cleaning company improve your sales? The answer? YES, they can. A business has many factors that influences a rise or decline in its sales and one that some may not even consider sometimes is a clean, safe and healthy environment. Emphasis must be placed on this factor as it is one that affects the mind and morals of your employees and your customers alike.

Imagine going into an office space for a business meeting, and it is evident that the rubbish has not been taken out from the previous day, or you ask if you could use the restrooms and you see it’s less than appealing in there.

Would you actually stay and spend your hard earned money in such a place?

It may be true that it does not take professionals to keep your work surroundings tidy but it takes cleaning professionals to do it right the first time, in the safest and most cost-effective way. Cleaning professionals know what to do and how to do it. They offer you the flexibility of having all your business’ cleaning and sanitary needs met without distracting your staff from their daily duties – no need to ask them to ensure the cleaning is taking care of!

Encourage and improve employees’ efficiency

A clean and healthy environment facilitates the productivity of your employees. It ensures your business’ environment is not the reason your staff are not at their most efficient selves at any given time. The more efficient each employee is, the better it is for your sales and the overall productivity of your business.

Comfortable work environment

Using a professional cleaning company’s service will ensure your work environment is always clean and comfortable for your employees, as well as your customers.

Speaking of customers, especially in today’s economic environment where more and more individuals are now health conscious, individuals will not hesitate to switch to other companies if the environment you invite them into is not favourable to their health or over all well-being. A clean environment speaks volumes where your business and employees are concerned.

If you’re looking for a professional, friendly and flexible cleaning service to ensure your business makes a great first impression and increases productivity among your staff, get in touch today: info@cleansweepswansealtd.co.uk

Avoid the mess

Avoid the mess!

No one wants to be labelled as the messy co-worker so make sure you keep your desk clean and tidy with these fuss free, easy tips which will leave your work area squeaky clean while also maximising your productivity!
Disinfect Regularly
No matter how neat you keep your work area, you shouldn’t forget to disinfect thoroughly! You should ensure that this is done regularly to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt, food stains and any bacteria. A top tip is to keep disinfecting wipes at your desk so that you can quickly give your desk a wipe down; this is inexpensive and fuss free so there’s no excuses! Area’s to focus on would be phones, keyboards, computer mouse and monitor because these are the pieces of equipment you are touching daily.

Avoid eating at your desk
Not only does eating at your desk mean that you’re not getting a sufficient break away from your working environment, but it also has a negative impact of the cleanliness of your work space. Eating at your desk will increase the likelihood of rubbish like paper bags, cups and utensils taking over your desk which creates a messy and unhygienic environment.

Sort out your drawer
Most of us are guilty of just throwing things into drawers where we often forget about them. Some of us even dread going into our drawers as we know the amount of junk we are about to be faced with. A tip to keep your drawer in order would be to invest in dividers. This is a simple way to give everything a place and organise all your things which maximises our productivity; for example compartments for stationary or letters.

Limit Personal Items
Having pictures of our nearest and dearest on our desk gives us motivation to get through the working day, but having several on your desk can be a major distraction and clutters the working area. Instead of multiple photo frames cluttering your desk and causing distraction, a top tip would be creating a desktop background collage of your favourite photos. As the majority of us spend our working days looking at a computer screen, the personalised background is an easy, great way to give you a burst of motivation while keeping your desk clean and tidy.

Put an end to post it notes
Having post it notes stuck all around your desk to remind you of important information makes your desk look unpresentable and messy. Post it notes are also easy to lose and therefore put you in danger of losing the important information you originally used them for. Instead, use your computer or phone to store any reminders or important information.

Tidy your desk before you leave for the day
A top tip to getting into the habit of keeping your desk tidy is to ensure your desk is left in a presentable manner before you go home after the working day. Another bonus of doing so means that the next day your working area is clean and clutter free which gives you a boost to begin the working day.

If in doubt, chuck it out!
Realistically you will never need most of the papers that you are saving on/in your desk, so when in doubt, just chuck it out to reduce cluttering. However, you should double check the importance of the document before chucking it out; if you’re in two minds then make a hard copy so that you have a copy just in case it turns out to be important!

What to look for in a cleaning company

What to look for in a cleaning company

If you are looking for a cleaning company to come and clean at your establishment, there are some key things to look for if you want to pick the right company for the job.

What are their specialities?
If you are looking for an office cleaner then you need a cleaning company that can fit your busy schedule, and that they have the capability to clean however small or large your establishment is. If you are looking for a cleaning company to clean a nightclub then you need to make sure they have experience in doing this and that they have no problem doing the ‘hard jobs’ such as cleaning up sick off the toilet floor.

How many staff do they have?
If you need someone to be there every week at the same time on the same day, then you need them to have a few staff on their books. You don’t want a week of cleaning missed because someone is holiday and there is not enough staff to cover!

If you work in an office, or even if you are looking for a domestic cleaner, you need to be able to trust the cleaners when they are in the office, so you are going to want to pick a cleaning company that carry out a background check on any potential hires. This way you know that whoever is coming into your building, they have passed a check and they have no history of crime.

The dirtiest places in an office

The dirtiest places in an office

It may seem glaringly obvious as to where the dirtiest places in an office are – but some may surprise you. In no particular order, here are the five dirtiest places in offices!

Yes that’s right! Taps actually have more germs than people realise, but think about it logically, you turn a tap on, wash your hands, and then turn off the tap – the same tap that you turned on with the dirty hand. To avoid this some people turn the tap off with a paper towel, or even more inventive their elbow!

Microwave door

The unusual suspect! Lurking beneath the surface are millions of bacteria. It’s no wonder that one of the dirtiest places in an office is the food prep area. In a restaurant there are cleaning products on standby, and the table is cleaned properly after someone leaves, but in work it’s a different playing field. People with different hygiene habits, cleaning habits, and people with colds, coughs, and other bugs all merge in this one area.

Well you would expect to see these on the list, after all people are tapping away all day without cleaning their hands every five minutes. Run your hands through you hair and carry on typing – germs. Cough into your hand and don’t use sanitizer before you carry on – more germs. You get the picture.

Desk Phones
The item in the office that often gets neglected during the clean. If you share an office phone, be warned that it is likely to have more germs per square inch than on a toilet seat. Yuck! Make sure it is wiped down daily with antibacterial wipes.

No not the little creature that has a tail and scuttles about, the little piece of equipment you use to navigate around your computer. It’s crawling with bacteria in the same way your keyboard is. If you don’t clean it regularly they can build up, and you could make yourself ill.

The monthly cleaning schedule

The monthly cleaning schedule

So last week we looked at how important it is to have a weekly cleaning schedule, but what about those cleaning routines that don’t always need doing but they need carrying out at least once a month?
Here, Clean Sweep gives some tips and tricks on keeping your office clean.

Firstly, make sure you have all the right cleaning chemicals and equipment. That means your polish, cloths, feather dusters, hoover etc. Once you have all of these, you can head over to whichever area is in need of some cleaning TLC. Try and keep a cleaning cupboard that is stocked with everything you need.

Monthly Cleaning Procedures
• Clean objects such as paper towel dispensers and hand dryers with a disinfectant spray or wipe.
• Wipe down walls in the kitchen where food, coffee, tea could splatter and leave a stain.
• Polish desks, tables, chairs, and other wooden objects.
• Clean the windows with a glass cleaner.
• Clear out any cupboards that are full of paper

The weekly cleaning schedule

The weekly cleaning schedule

We have all been guilty of leaving a dirty mug on our desk or a dirty plate in the sink. But these can cause problems in the workplace. As well as irritating colleagues, these allow bacteria to breed and make your office look messy – having a potential knock-on effect on both the office atmosphere and the health of co-workers.

Here, Clean Sweep gives some tips and tricks on keeping your office clean.

Firstly, make sure you have all the right cleaning chemicals and equipment. That means your polish, cloths, feather dusters, hoover etc. Once you have all of these, you can head over to whichever area is in need of some cleaning TLC. Try and keep a cleaning cupboard that is stocked with everything you need.

Daily Cleaning Procedures

Every day you should check areas that normally require a lot of cleaning (kitchen, desks, eating area). Any rubbish should be put in a bin. Hoover the messy areas at least twice a week especially where people eat a lot. Look out for crumbs on the floor.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures
If you don’t have a cleaner (and if you don’t give us a call) then follow this simple weekly checklist:

• Dust all surfaces. Yes that means desks and tables.
• Empty your bins. If you don’t they will start to smell. Make sure recycling is done properly if you have the bin bags, and make sure you put rubbish out on the correct days.
• With the keyboards, phones and computers try and use antibacterial wipes to clean them, because these are where germs like to breed!
• Make sure you dust the vents, lights and windows.
• Mop tiled or hard surface floors.
• Vacuum all carpeted floors.

Next week we will be looking at monthly cleaning schedules!

New Year, new start – with an office spring clean

New Year, new start – with an office spring clean

The festive season has finally come to an end and the New Year has arrived. Everyone is back in work, but someone forgot to clean up shop before you all left for the break. Start the year with a clean slate and a clean office.

What you will need
Recycling bins – There was a big push on recycling almost everything last year, yet a large percentage of the waste from many offices still go to landfill. Invest in recycling bins and check your weekly bin collection schedule. Put someone in charge of making sure the bins go out on time and checking that people are recycling. It will make the office look much tidier.

Paper shredder – Always shred documents as they can have important information on them. It also means you don’t have a pile of unnecessary paper everywhere.

Filing cabinets or folders – You need to keep documents in an easy to find place but somewhere that is tidy. Filing cabinets are an easy choice, but if you are short on space invest in some folders, keep them labelled and you are ready to go.

Cloths and disinfectant spray – Once you have tidied up the next step is to clean it with some disinfectant spray, and wipe over it with a clean cloth.

What you should do
1.) Paper first
If you don’t need it, shred it. When cleaning through the drawers, keep two piles of paper: one for keeping and one for shredding. If they are in the keep file, make sure you store them away in a cabinet or folder.

2.) Stock take
Now that you have cleared away the paper, the next step is to make a list of all the supplies you will need and bin everything that you have but don’t use at all.

3.) A clean screen
Now we know that your desk is clean, it’s time to move onto the computer. Use the disinfectant and cloth to wipe down your screen, mouse, and keyboard to take care of any germs, dirt, and oil build-up. After that, give your desk a good polish as well.