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How to keep your home sparkling all summer long

Spring cleaning is usually the time when you de-clutter your home and give each room a good and thorough clean. Unfortunately, these chores don’t disappear throughout the summer months and with the warmer weather and kids on a break from school, there’s even more tasks to keep up with during the summer.


With the kids at home during the day, the kitchen can get super messy with toys cluttering up the table and floor, and sticky ice cream finger marks get on appliances. To keep the clutter in the kitchen to a minimum, encourage everyone in the house to put everything away once they’ve finished using them. To easily remove finger print marks from appliances, use lemon juice or warm soapy water and wipe the marks away with a soft cloth.


It’s important during the summer months of warmer air to keep the windows open in the bathroom as much as possible. Keeping the bathroom aired will help to reduce humidity in the room which can cause mould.

Laundry Room

With the kids spending more time outdoors over the summer holidays, there’s far more washing to be done and clothes have more outdoor stains. To avoid being overloaded with mountains of washing, organize it in to piles such as what is a priority or what may need to be treated with stain remover before being put in the machine.

Pests and insects

During the summer, flies, bugs and spiders invade your home. To manage these pests, use an insect repellent spray and make sure to keep on top of the dusting to get rid of cobwebs.

Be sure to let us know your top tips for keeping your home clean this summer!

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Getting your BBQ ready for summer!

Hosting your big BBQ summer bashes is always fun, but the post-party clean up isn’t always as entertaining. We’re here today to help you ensure your BBQ is always gleaming and ready for the next garden party!

Once used, make sure you let your BBQ cool down for at least 30 minutes before removing the cooking grates on the BBQ itself. Use a BBQ grate cleaner to effectively degrease the grates, leaving it for a few minutes to soak before wiping down. Once you’ve done this, use a BBQ brush to ensure you’ve completely removed any remaining bits of stubborn food!

If you have a gas BBQ, this means you won’t have any soot or ash to tackle, so it usually leads to a quicker and easier cleaning process! Turn up the BBQ burners for a few minutes to burn off any remaining pieces of food which are stuck to the grill – as mentioned, these can be stubborn!

Make sure you turn the BBQ off completely, and then safely disconnect the gas. Remove the grill parts of your BBQ to ensure that there is nothing wedged around the burns to prevent your BBQ from giving uneven heat. Finish off with some grill cleaner and a wire brush to remove rust spots!

If a charcoal BBQ is what you own, you need to wait a longer amount of time before you begin cleaning it – so make sure the charcoals are fully cooled down before getting the cleaning solution out! Once they are cooled down sufficiently, remove the coals in preparation for the BBQ to be cleaned!

Now it’s time to empty the remaining ash and dust so you have a relatively clear surface to work with. Grab yourself a bottle of BBQ cleaning solution, your BQ brush and a sponge to really tackle the mess!

Now, rinse your charcoal BBQ to get rid of any soap suds and remaining food, and finally replace your BBQ grate! Now it’s all good to go and ready to use for next time.

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Clean Sweep’s top 5 tips for clearing out the garden shed

Last week, we got into the spirit of summer and shared our top tips to help get your garden summer ready. This week, we’ll be sharing our top tips on how you can tidy up your shed in a hassle-free manner!

  1. Assess what you use on a regular basis and put these items to one side. This is the first step in sorting through the items you want to keep and the items you have no use for anymore.
  2. Don’t look at this project as one huge mammoth task; do it bit by bit – it can be quite overwhelming if your shed is looking a bit worse for wear and you try and do it all in one go!
  3. Take photos of items you don’t necessarily want anymore and upload them to social media and advertising websites like Gumtree and Ebay. Ensure the lighting and photo quality is of a good standard, as first impressions count!
  4. Can you use what you are considering to throw away for an alternative purpose? The planks of wood stacking up in the corner of the shed could be repurposed and make for some country-chic shelving!
  5. Out with the old! Get rid of any old items; whether it’s electrical items (such as old lawn mowers) or old tools that are looking a bit worse for wear – don’t just keep them for the sake of it! Separate what can be salvaged and repaired, and get rid of anything that can’t!

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Is your garden summer ready?

Even though right now the sun isn’t necessarily blazing hot, we know it’s only around the corner! It’s important to do some groundwork (excuse the pun) now, so you can reap the benefits later.

Where to start?

Get your watering can out

It won’t be long until we will be feeling the hot sun rays on our bones – we’ve already had some dry and sunny spells, and although we assume this is good for your garden – it does mean that the grass and plants will become very dry. It is crucial to ensure they are well watered daily. Put five minutes aside every evening to do this. Watering your garden in the evening is always best as the water won’t dry in instantly (due to the sun soaking the water up).

Getting your grass in shape

Since it was deprived in the winter months, your grass is probably feeling slightly abandoned and is likely looking a bit worse for wear! Make sure you are feeding your grass with spring or summer lawn fertiliser. This will also help prevent weeds and moss from creeping up when you least expect it! Make sure you apply these fertilisers when the soil is moist, or when the weather is forecast to rain.

Talking of weeds…

It’s important to pull out the weeds by the roots – otherwise they will just keep popping up and your efforts will be wasted. Be cautious if you’re using weed killer – this can make the soil toxic and can hinder your plants to grow.

Get the lawn mower out of hibernation!

In the winter months, grass doesn’t grow at its normal rate. Now that summer is around the corner, it’s time to bring out the lawn mower that’s been sitting at the back of the shed for the last few months! Dust it off and get mowing! It’s important to never cut more than half the length of the grass in one go, as removing too much will result in the removal of much needed water and nutrition that the grass needs to grow!

Spruce up with furniture and accessories

If you’ve already got garden furniture, make sure you get some hot soapy water and give it a good scrub before even contemplating to use it! If it’s looking worse for wear and you can afford to, why not treat the garden to some new tables and chairs?

Alternatively, water features and accessories such as pretty fairy lights (which you can weave throughout trees and bushes for a great impact on summer evenings) and garden ornaments, can go a long way – taking your garden from amateur to professional in no time!

Make sure you send us your before and after photos! We’d love to see!

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Tackle those allergies

Tackle those allergies

Summer is the time for tans, drinks outside, barbeques, and walks along the beach. But for some of us it is a time for itching, sneezing, and runny eyes. Allergies are rife during the summer months, and hay-fever takes no prisoners – inside or outside.

Taking a good antihistamine is a quick fix way to ease symptoms, but there are steps you can take in the house that can help reduce the symptoms.

1. Your clothes
If you have particularly bad hay-fever when you come home, change your clothes as soon as you get in. This will stop you transferring any pollen that has attached itself to you onto your furniture and around your house.

2. Hoover
Dust gets everywhere. Even where you’ve cleaned a spot and think it is dust-free, within an hour there will be dust skimming the surface. A key thing is to hoover a few times a week and fit a filter known as a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) to your machine. This filter traps dust particles that would otherwise be blown back into the air.

3. Tackle the mould and mildew
Whether it is in the bathroom or around windows when it’s cold and wet outside, mould and mildew need to be kept at bay to ease your breathing. Make sure you clean the bathroom and the shower curtain as well, as the lower portion of the curtain can easily grow mould.

4. A hot wash
Bed sheets should be put through a hot wash anyway, but if you put bedding through a 60 degree wash at least once a week, it will kill dust mites. Hoover the bed before you put the new bedding on, sucking up all the dust and dirt that fell onto it from the dirty bedding. It may be easier to buy special pillows and quilts that are designed to help with allergies and can stop dust mites getting into the bed.

5. Dry your washing inside instead
I know there is nothing better than being able to pin your washing out on the line, but when you have allergies, it’s the worst thing you can do. Even though the sun is shining, when you hang your washing on the line, all of the pollen flies right back onto it. Use an airer to dry you washing inside, this way you won’t end up scratching or sneezing as soon as you put your clean clothes on.

How to clear up your garden ready for the summer

How to clear up your garden ready for the summer

Hoorah, its summer…the sun has finally started to shine and we’re all ready to sit out the garden and soak up the rays while the BBQ cooks up a storm. However, your garden has been neglected all year. Worry no more, because if you follow these tips you’ll be able to invite your loved ones round for a BBQ and a Pimms in no time.
Get watering

This time of year will be quite dry so you should ensure that your plants have a constant supply of water which is vital. A top tip is to set yourself a routine of watering the plants regularly so that you fall into the habit. It’s important to stress how important it is to water your plants regularly to ensure that the soil is deeply watered and doesn’t dry out.

Say goodbye to weeds
At this time of year weeds spring to life and just seem to keep on growing and growing! It’s important now its summer that you pull them out; this can be done by using hand tools to pull out the roots. By pulling out the roots, this will maximise the impact of your weeding and minimise the damage to the rest of your garden. A top tip is to only use weed killers if you absolutely have to, as you still want plants to grow and you could make your soil toxic.

Time to mow!
We’ve all been there- you step outside and nearly lose your foot as the grass has gotten so long! It’s time to be reunited with your lawn mower. After you’ve made sure that your plants are all growing healthily you should then prioritise mowing your lawn. A top tip is to never cut more than half the length of the grass off in one go as if you remove too much grass this results in the removal of a lot of water and nutrition from the grass.

Get a water butt
A water butt is a money saving and environmentally friendly device that every UK household should invest in. Water is expensive and our aim is not to waste this valuable resource. The way the water butt works is that you install the water butt under a drainpipe and it then collects rain water which provides a resource for every keen gardener. A tip to consider once you’ve got your water butt is to pick out all the dead leaves and mouldy bits as this is perfect for compost. Another tip is that you can disguise your water butt with reeds or willow panelling which provides a stylish yet low-maintenance look.

Have a general tidy up
Each garden is different but there are general things that will appear in most gardens across the UK and these things should be tidied up to make your garden look its best. If you have children then chances are last summer toys will still be spread across the garden; you should dispose of any outdoor toys or garden furniture that has withered. You should keep on top of the maintenance of your garden by raking up dead twigs and leaves. Other maintenance tips would be to fix any loose fence panels and to oil ant gate hinges. You will be surprised at how much difference a general tidy up will make!

Get your greenhouse looking spotless
If you have a greenhouse then summer is the best time to present it in all its glory. Your greenhouse will be nurturing delicate little bulbs and seeds so it’s important that it’s kept immaculate. You should remove any shades and thoroughly clean the glass; it’s time to get rid of those cobwebs. This will allow as much sun light as possible to get in and ensure your plants flourish.