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How to keep your interior glass windows and panels sparkling

Windows – whether on a commercial or domestic property – are often a reflection of what is inside. They are the first impression visitors receive, and ensuring a good overall image is important; indeed, perhaps paramount, in the case of business. Considering this, we have provided our top basic tips and tricks to keeping your windows clean.


Failing to use the right type of glass cleaning solution will lead to your windows looking streaky. Ensure to use a ‘streak free’ glass cleaner, meaning that the windows’ interiors will be clear when the sun makes an appearance, instead of being plastered with smudges and murky marks.

If the windows are extremely dirty, you can mix 1tbsp. ammonia and 3 tbsp. rubbing alcohol or vinegar in one litre of warm water.


Your choice of cloth can affect the end result. The cleaning cloth should be lint-free, meaning that there will be no stray bits to stick to the window once the cleaned. When buffing the window, a hardwearing cloth that will remove the remaining glass cleaner from the windows is essential. A chamois leather cloth is perfect for this, leaving a shine on the panes.


Although this tip may seem trivial, it is handy to know. Don’t clean your windows when the sun is out, as the sun will dry your cleaning solution too quickly, leaving smears over the panes.

When cleaning the windows, utilise a vertical motion to remove polish from the pane, this stroke motion will enable you to spot any remaining streaks on the glass, whilst horizontal strokes can hide them.


If possible, using a small brush attachment, vacuum the window frame and sills to finish cleaning.

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First impressions most definitely count!

Now that winter is nearly over and we can just about see spring starting to make an appearance, certain office features you may have neglected are now needing your attention!

Through the cold and wet winter months, the build-up of debris and dirt can cause major issues to the outside of your office building – windows and doors specifically, and it doesn’t leave the best impression on your visitors!

Not to mention, dirty windows and doors prevent adequate daylight being let in, and studies have already proven that natural light in office environments can improve an employee’s focus, health and sleep patterns - meaning productivity will only grow.

Take the summer months for instance. As the sun is shining more, employees’ happiness levels tend to improve dramatically. So, what do dirty windows do to an employee? Well, as insignificant as it may seem, dirty windows can result in poor work productivity and low-morale – not something you want in a busy work environment!

Grubby windows and doors with water marks and dirt may not seem like such a big deal, but dirt like this can obstruct a remarkably large amount of natural light. Better natural lighting in offices also means electricity and heating bills can be cut down by a considerable amount. Save on costs and switch to a much more environmentally friendly solution than the alternative of light bulbs and electric heaters.

As we’ve already mentioned, first impressions count. You work so hard day in and day out, why let your hard work go to waste and frighten visitors and potential customers away, because of the appearance of your building?

At Clean Sweep we can help your business look its best, using top of the range products suited specifically to your cleaning needs.

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Making your business shine, inside and out!

Understanding the importance of having a presentable exterior is key to a successful business. Clean, shiny and smear free windows gives customers and clients a positive first impression of your company.

Commercial window cleaning is an effective way of ensuring your windows are in pristine condition. Our technique for providing great results is to use the wash and reach technique. This ensures an effective cleaning service as well as reliable safety.

The benefits of using this method are;

  • Quick but safe cleaning.
  • No use of ladders which decreases risk of accidents and damage to property.
  • Use of specialised glass cleaning solutions to ensure a streak free finish.
  • This method can be used to clean up to 45ft floor.
  • Not weather dependant.

Here are a few more tips to help guide you in commercial window cleaning to make sure the outside of your building represents the inside.

Know your supplier – Make sure you chose your supplier wisely as you will be relying on them monthly or even weekly to provide you with a top service.

Know your products – Ensure your supplier is using high quality products specialised for window cleaning. Do your research on what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Ask your supplier what products they intend to use and see if it coincides with your research.

Know your price – There are many different commercial cleaning companies on the market, so make sure you shop around for the best service, quality and price. For example, if your business is located in a business park, ask around and see if the same cleaning service cleans all of the surrounding buildings.

We know how hard you and your staff work to ensure your company’s services and reputation is always a high standard. Don’t let the appearance of your building turn customers away before they’ve even had a chance to talk to you! First impressions most definitely count.